Still Not Done 3

Denne weekend er gået med at lægge næst-sidste hånd på det nye fine børneværelse, med at bygge en voksenseng og indrette en garderobe. Jeg har næsten ikke rørt strikkepindene, men jeg glæder mig rigtig meget til hele flytte om og gør det selv showet er slut og alting har fået en ny plads, så jeg måske kan sætte mig til rette med pindene istedet for kun at tankestrikke. Ja, jeg tankestrikker, når jeg ikke strikker rigtigt. Gad vide om det er sært…

This weekend was spent putting the next to last touches to the new kids room, building a bed new for the grown ups and fitting out our new walk in closet. I’ve barely even touched the knitting needles, so I’m now very much looking forward to the end of the whole moving stuff around dyi show, so that I can settle down with my needles and my knitting instead of only mind knitting. Yes, I knit in my mind when I’m not actually knitting. I wonder if this is normal…

The bed and the whole bedroom is very nearly done, except for some new homemade art that I need to finish and put up. I can’t wait to show you it.
The bed cost very little to make I was lucky not to have to build it myself, but could stick to the part I do best – designing, planning, helping and holding things. 

We now have a whole little room just for our clothes. What a luxury! 
It’s not a pretty room, but we did it without spending anything, and it’s very functional. All the stuff that used to fill that little room is now either thrown out (I love throwing things out – or passing them on) or under the new bed.

We also put green grass carpet down on the balcony floor. It’s maybe not the classiest stuff, but it’s much happier to look at than the original floor, which was gray and stained and boring.

Our little experimental garden now looks a lot cheerier too. I do not have green fingers at all, but I thought the kids would have fun watching plants grow from little seeds. I was right, they love it and they are very fascinated by the process. Who knew there was so much to learn from that little package of flower seeds.

All I need to do now is to get my own little yarn and craft corner sorted out and figure out all of the little finishing touches for the newly done up rooms. These are my very favorite bits.
And then I can get back to my knitting.

3 thoughts on “Still Not Done

  • Charlotte Kaae

    Ihh hvor bliver det bare fint, det med græsset overvejdede vi også men endte med træ fliser.
    Tjek lige græs planter og mini bambus på

  • Ellenkathrine

    uh- jeg får lyst til at lave om på børneværelset derhjemme- og ja jeg tankestrikker også… især hvis jeg ikke kan sove- når jeg har været oppe ved ungerne om natten 🙂 i øvrigt rigtig lækker opskrift du lige har lavet 🙂

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