About me

My name is Signe Strømgaard (previously Signe S. Simonsen – before my divorce) and I live in Copenhagen with my 2 kids.
I started knitting in 2007 when a friend told me it wasn’t hard to learn. She was completely right. I was not expecting to fall headlong in love with knitting, I thought it would just be a useful, practical skill to have, not a deeply meaningful vehicle for expressing myself creatively.

I fell in love with the endless creative potential and the strict logic of knitting. With knitting traditions and the way it connects me to other knitters – living and long passed. And with the way people use this technically simple craft to create such beautiful and highly personal things using just yarn and pointy sticks.

Not long after I first learned to knit, I started calculating and writing my own patterns and knitting them. That way I could get things exactly how I wanted them, so it just seemed like the logical next step. Then the same friend who said I could easily learn also pointed me towards Ravelry, and after that I was complete a “gonner”.

SignestLeftieRavelry made me feel like I could take the plunge and share my patterns and so I started publishing my patterns and submitting them to magazines.

(Ravelry also helped to figure out my left-handedeness means that I knit mirrored, and what consequences that has.)

I now work as an independent knitwear designer. I’ve been published in online knitting magazines such as Knitty, Twist Collective and Petite Purls. I have a good collaboration with the Danish yarn company Filcolana and I self publish pattern via Ravelry.

I’m currently working on my first knitting book – a colorful book of knits for kids, which I plan to self-publish in 2014. The book will come out in paper form in Danish and as a e-book in English.

Apart from designing, I also make knitting related illustrations such as size schematics, stitch “cartoons” (step by step tutorials) and technical tutorials, such as the ones you can see here.

StrikkeillustrationI translate knitting patterns, mainly from Danish into English, and I also do technical editing of knitting patterns.

Knitting and designing knitwear is my first and biggest love, but I find that working on other aspects of the design and pattern writing process, and especially working with other knitwear designers and being part of their process, makes me a better knitter designer. Also, I’m a big knitting geek, and I find almost all aspects of knitting and designing  worth talking about and philosophising over.


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