The time of my life

So many wonderful things have been happening lately, I can hardly keep up. First my book came back from the printer, and looked better than I had dared hope. I had been worrying quite a bit, so that was a huge relief. Immediately after that I went to the Danish […]

LittleScamps_vol 1_frontpage


Fingers crossed

This week my book went to the printers, and is now being printed. Now! Nova and I went to see the start of it, which was fun and exciting. There’s no turning back now. Fingers crossed that everything ends up looking the way it is supposed to – and the way […]

Say Cheeese

Yesterday was a big day for my book project. The photo shoot. It turned out to be the most amazing day. Everything just went much better than I’d dared to hope. There were adorable kids wearing my designs. There was a very talented photographer – Monica Bach, who also makes […]



It ‘s been a while since I’ve taken the time to update my website. The reason is that I have been in the middle of a divorce. Regardless of circumstances and how well you are able to handle them, divorce is a life crisis. It is time-consuming to sort through everything […]

Filcolana and Magnus

I ‘ve rally been looking forward to telling you that Filcolana now has a new website. It is super awesome, I think – and a much needed renewal. The news are of relevance to me first because I have made several designs for Filcolana, which are now much easier to […]



Happy New Year… belatedly

I know, I know, the new year is not really all that new any more, but it’s taken a really long while for me to get going with the everyday things again after my fantastic christmas vacation in Norway. And now I have a whole little list of things I […]

In Other News

I’ve been messing around with this page and have added links for the social medias where I am to be found – over on the right side. I’ve quite smitten with Instagram, and then there are Twitter and Ravelry, of course. I will primarily be writing in English on those 3 sites. I’ve […]


New Shawl Design

I’ve been working on a new shawl design. Not that I have the time, mind you. Just because I had the idea, and then I just had to knit up a liiittle swatch to see. And the swatch turned into a very big shawl shaped swatch. Then I just had […]

On Hallandsgade

I dropped by the Rasmilla shop the other day… well, actually it was last week. Where did the time go?! I had multiple reasons. Not that I really need any, as Sanne is one of my favorite people and… then there’s all of the yarn. Enough said. This time I […]


Felina – now to be found 1

I don’t know why it’s taken me until now, but I’ve finally updated my little site here with all info about Felina. I’ve knit 2 Felinas myself. One lives in the Rasmilla-shop, so if you’re nearby you can drop by to check it out. The other one took a trip with […]