My Pomona 1

This design has been in the making for quite a while, and the process from concept to finished design has been completely different from what I usually do. Normally I draw sketches, knit one or more swatches and create a very large spreadsheet on my computer. Then I write the first rough draft of the pattern and only then do I start the serious knitting.

This time I started with an idea that can’t even really be sketched that well and then I cast on a huge amount of stitches. It’s not exactly the most efficient way of doing things, and it meant that I had to knit the shawl  3-4-5 times before it had the shape I wanted. I’ve even had some very talented knitting ladies test knit the pattern, so make sure it was as user friendly as possible.

So what this method lacks in speed it makes up for in thoroughness, and I hope knitters buying the pattern will benefit from all the work.

Signest_Pomona_04Read more or purchase the pattern HERE

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